Rapetosaurus(Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. Company was planning in 2010, and established in July 2015, invested by whom be hailed as the "Chinese diligent angels investor" PreaAngel CEO Mr.Leo,JIAWEI,SHIWEI,AMEBA and XIANGHE Capital. The headquarter is located in Shanghai,company committed to create an one step integrated international logistics solutions for Internet B2B professional platform.

The founding team membersinclude professionals from the traditional international logistics industry and the Internet industry with decades of work experience. Committed to perfectly combine the traditional international logistics industry with the Internet technology. These years we have developed a number of proprietary technology products:

Rapetosaurusstaffs dedicated to through internet + SAAS technology to standardize logistics products, services and dealing, efficient integration of domestic and international high-quality logistics service resources, optimize the international logistics service supply chain, simplify logistics products, supply chain financial services. To provide an one-stop professional logistics services, efficient, low-cost, strong security, integrated international logistics solutions to the buyers.

The founding team membersof the founding team, their expertise is based on accumulation and innovation stems from persistence. Traditional industry with Internet + brings us not only the decentralization of simple products. Users’ new demands will be stimulated, new value - added services and values of the traditional industry will be created, and a better tomorrow with sharing economy will be brought forth via a more effective deep integration of the Internet decentralization of traditional industrial chain